Britain has enjoyed shellfish for centuries and were an everyday food in the early 20th Century. Today, a huge variety of quality shellfish is readily available such as crab and lobster, mussels or scallops. You may be surprised by how much shellfish comes from British waters, we have some of the finest shellfish in the world available on our doorstep!

We can supply fresh or frozen shellfish directly from the market to your door. Let us know your requirements and we'll do our very best to provide.   



The brown edible crab is native to the UK and we can source both cock (male) or hen (female) crabs. The cocks have bigger claws which hold more white meat. 


Lobster native to the UK is often considered the best, though it can also be sourced from Canada and USA to give you all year round availability.


Spider Crab.jpg

Spider crabs are common around Cornwall’s coast. They are harvested sustainably and the claws are full of delicious moist, white meat that is considered a delicacy!


Crab Meat.jpg

We supply a variety prepared crab meat including white, brown, mixed, dressed, fresh raw, steamed, cooked or even as a pâté. Just let us know your requirements. 


Scallops are available in the shell, half cut (as above) or fully cut. We can also source premium diver-caught scallops. A beautiful fish with a meaty texture.


Cockles are found all around the coastline of the British Isles, inlets and estuaries. These shellfish are very similar to clams and can be cooked in the same ways.


Clams have been growing in wild in the British Channel for nearly 50 years. The ranges available include Razor, Hardshell, Armande and the most sought-after, Palourdes.


The majority of the UK-produced mussels are grown on the seabed from Wales and Northern Ireland or in rope-farms in Scotland and Devon, giving you all-year availabilty.