Originally intended as a way to preserve fish, smoking also adds a different dimension to taste and texture. Cold smoking is the most common method whereby the flavour gently infuses the fish with flavour but without cooking it. It can also be hot smoked so the fish is cooked whilst flavoured. 

Our fish is freshly sourced from the south coast, then smoked traditionally by a long established smokehouse in Somerset in their new purpose built smokery.

Smoked Mackerel

Smoked Mackerel.jpg

Traditionally mackerel caught in cold waters has the highest oil content, making it the perfect for smoking.


Smoked Haddock1.jpg

Haddock takes the smoking process especially well, and can be cold smoked, often for fish pies, or hot smoked.


Smoked Salmon.jpg

Smoked salmon is the most popular smoked fish product in the UK, it smokes well due to the high oil content.


Smoked Trout1.jpg

Smoked trout can be cold smoked for thin and deliciously succulent slices, or hot smoked for a delicate but rich flavour.